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Hand Sanitizing Stations For Schools

GermBot Sanitizing Station Is Now Available For Schools!

We are proud to announce that Germbot is now being offered as a sanitizing station for schools. Contact us today for discounts for your school or district. - 

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Hand Sanitizing Stations For Schools GermBot


Want to know a little secret? One that can decrease absenteeism, promote healthy habits among students, give parents peace of mind, and make your school’s campus relatively safe in the flu season?

Hand Sanitizing Stations For Schools by Germbot!

This hand-sanitizing station was created due to the recent outbreak. The world is slowly recognizing the importance of hygiene and sanitizing stations and installing them at your school or campus can be a deterrent to germs.

Are sanitizing stations for schools effective? Let’s find out:

  1.   Hand sanitizers and absenteeism

Can the use of alcohol gel hand sanitizers reduce absenteeism? A study of over 6000 elementary students in Ohio found a reduction in absenteeism of 19.8%. The study involved 16 different schools in 5 individual districts.

Staff and students were asked to sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the classrooms. The results? Fewer illnesses in both the staff and students.

Nowadays, using hand sanitizers in public places is a no-brainer. What could be better than small hand-sanitizing stations that always remind people to stop and make their hands germ-free? As schools start to slowly open, Germbot is an excellent addition to any school sanitizing program.

  1. Teach students when and when not to use sanitizer

The success of your “germ-free campus” campaign will depend on how well you teach students to effectively use hand sanitizer.

Yes, there’s a wrong way (or ways) to use hand sanitizer. The GermBot sanitizing station is extremely easy to use. It has a hands-free gel dispenser. Even small children can be taught to use them safely.

However, there are certain situations where hand-sanitizers should not be used:

  • When soap and water is available nearby
  • When somebody sneezes right next to you
  • When there are chemicals on your hand
  • When your hands are visibly dirty after sports or gardening
  • When the sanitizer was used just a few minutes ago (kids love how hand sanitizer makes their hands feel cold after rubbing)

You’ll have to teach the kids that using too much sanitizer can kill the good bacteria on their hands.

  1. Place the hand sanitizing stations at the optimal spots

To make the best use of these hygiene stations, keep them in high-traffic areas like:

  • Near the drinking fountain
  • By the classroom door
  • At a central location in the library
  • The cafeteria
  • In the computer lab

4.   Features of the GermBot sanitizing station

GermBot hand-sanitizing station comes with wheels (a single person can move it). It dispenses school supplied multifold paper towels, has two storage compartments for a standard-sized disinfectant wipe, and a rear storage compartment that can be used to store sanitizer, paper towels and other items. Also, instead of throwing litter on the floor, students can throw it in the station’s 7-gallon trash can.

All in all, it’s a system designed to keep your school clean and free of unwanted waste - both visible and invisible.

School Sanitizing Stations

Hand-sanitizing station for complete cleanliness

A few hand-sanitizing stations installed at key locations can significantly reduce illnesses and seasonal diseases. Also, your school will be ready to tackle any outbreak in the future.

GermBot is a small hand-sanitizing station designed to help address the immediate cleaning and sanitizing needs of your school or campus.