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For Immediate Release

GermBot self contained, portable, sanitizing and disinfecting station launches website! 

This ground-breaking product helps to kill germs, protect against viruses and is an excellent addition to any school, office or park where protection is needed.

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Germ Bot Self Contained Sanitizing Cart

Did you know that GermBot is an excellent standalone, portable sanitizing, disinfecting and hygiene system:

- Sanitizing station for schools
- Sanitizing station for universities
- Sanitizing station for grocery stores
- Sanitizing station for polling places
- Sanitizing station for retail
- Sanitizing station for restaurants
- Sanitizing station for parks
- Sanitizing station for events


Sanitizing Disinfecting Cart
Contactless Sanitizing Gel Dispenser

If you are interested in killing germs and keeping your areas safe, buy GermBot online here and 
get protected now.

The self-contained sanitizing cart, GermBot!

Paper Towel Dispenser Kill Germs

Built-in Paper Towel Dispenser


Lockable Storage in Rear of Disinfecting Cart
Lockable Storage In Rear